Raising Special Needs

Embark on a journey of resilience and hope with

Raising Nathan Against All Odds.

Discover Blessings in Adversity: Raising Nathan Against All Odds – A Compelling Story of Love, Faith, Family, Resilience, and Triumph

Release Date: 9th April, 2024

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Book Description

How far would you go for your child? In Raising Nathan Against All Odds, witness the unwavering strength of a family as they navigate the complexities of raising a child with disabilities. This powerful story will touch your heart and ignite your spirit.

About The Author

Christine Staple Ebanks, author and parent advocate, began her journey after her son’s cerebral palsy diagnosis in 2005. Founder of the Nathan Ebanks Foundation and Raising Special Needs Inc., she empowers families worldwide through her writing and speaking.


“Heart-wrenching and heartwarming simultaneously, Christine delivers with simplicity and charm. With thoughtful takeaways from challenging moments, it makes for a must-read for anyone who has a child with a disability.”

Anandita Oberoi, PhD, LPC Adjunct Professor of Human Services.
Editor of Human Services Today Magazine, National Organization for Human Services, USA

“Christine’s authentic account of her journey in raising Nathan provides a roadmap that helps her audience understand the often hidden social, emotional, and physical challenges while also offering hope and actionable solutions for navigating the everyday life with a child with disabilities.”

Tara Malphrus-Sanchez
Special Education Teacher and Trainer, USA

“Christine, you have ignited the ‘warrior’ spirit within us, demonstrating the power of unwavering advocacy for human rights.”

Curline Beckford
Independent Consultant and Inclusive Advocate (Fervently believing in a world where everyone has a rightful place and where there is recognition and protection of each individual’s rights), Jamaica

“This book gives students a real peek into the struggles parents of kids with disabilities face daily. It stands out for its relatable stories about Caribbean family life and the immigrant journey in the US. It’s time we heard more diverse tales, not just from Europe.”

Beverly Leblanc
Executive Director, Circle of Friends.
Founder, Achievement Learning Centre.
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, DSC Dominica
Print length
308 pages
Trilogy Christian Publishing