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Lose the Fear: Speaking Up with Confidence for Your Special Needs Child



Empower yourself to be your child’s best advocate with “Lose the Fear: Speaking Up with Confidence.” Written by fellow special needs parent and professional advocate Christine Staple Ebanks, this book is your go-to guide for navigating the challenges of advocating for a child with special needs.

The book addresses these common questions:

  • How can sharing my personal story benefit my child’s advocacy journey?
  • What strategies can help me break stereotypes through my child’s achievements?
  • How can I get teachers and professionals to listen when I feel like nobody hears me?

Explore effective, simple strategies to tackle these challenges and more. With easy-to-use resources such as templates and checklists, you’ll have everything you need to amplify your voice and make a real difference. Join the community of parents who’ve seen results using these techniques.

You’ve got the strength and determination to advocate for your child – let this book be your ally on your journey. Grab your copy now and set yourself up to start speaking confidently for your special needs child.


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